When restoring cast iron, that has been enamelled, the process is very heat intensive and takes a team of experienced engineers to achieve the highly polished finish we look for from new enamel.

Firstly, the items are heated to over 800degrees Celsius in an annealing furnace to draw any impurities from within the castings. If your cooker is powered by solid fuel this process is essential to draw out any wood sap or coal ash that has been absorbed by the cast metal (cast is porous and as result can actually absorb impurities during its lifetime of use).

Once the components have cooled to room temperature the next step is shot blasting. This removes the old enamel and prepares the surface for adhesion of the new enamel coating.

Metal shot is fired at the items in the shot blasting chamber (see photos). The shot is fired at high speed to blast off the old enamel coating.

The last coat in colour is added to the surface, fired once again at over 700 degrees Celsius and cooled slowly in a drying room at 65degrees Celsius. 

We can re-enamel your cooker in almost any colour you wish. We have an extensive stock of cooker parts and are able to prepare the exact same parts that you have in your kitchen off site and exchange them in a one day visit in your kitchen. Making your cooker ‘As new’.

For no-obligation conversation about re-enamelling your Aga, please get in touch.

re-enamelling an aga

Shot blasting chamber

re-enamelling an aga

Annealing furnace. Over 800 degrees Celsius. 

re-enamelling an aga

The baking furnace. 740 degrees Celsius. Where undercoat is cooked onto the cast, readying it for a top coat in colour.

re-enamelling an aga

Is this your Aga cooker being restored and re-enamelled, it could be! Contact us today to make an enquiry or find out more about re-enamelling an Aga. We work on all Aga cookers.