AGA range cookers

We have an ever-changing selection of AGA and other range cookers for sale.  Please contact us for exact model type and availability or call for a chat on: 01985 988577

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and will configure your cooker to your needs: energy usage, colour, specification and custom upgrades.



Our refurbished, fully guaranteed AGA range cookers are available in an array of stunning colour finishes and are meticulously stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new/reconditioned components wherever necessary.

They can be transformed to run off electric power, giving you complete control of operating times and heat output.

The conversion kit can also be fitted with optional smart Wi-Fi controlled switches featuring the popular 7 day, 24 hour timer function, allowing you to control the cooker remotely and customise your cooking experience.

We will ensure your cooker will look amazing and work efficiently for many years to come.



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