At the heart of our company’s history lies a legacy of engineering excellence, embodied by Philip Myall, our founding engineer. Philip’s journey is deeply rooted in family tradition, tracing back to his grandfather’s iconic pink Bedford van adorned with the signage “G.V.Myall, General & Electrical Engineer”.

In an era when telephone numbers were just four digits long. “2182” was a lifeline connecting the community to the expertise of Geoffrey Myall. 

Each service call represented a commitment to quality and reliability that resonates through generations.

Today, as Philip carries forward this proud heritage through The Home Heart Ltd., he upholds the values of craftsmanship, dedication, and innovation instilled by his grandfather. With every project undertaken, we honor the memory of G.V.Myall and the enduring legacy of the Myall family.

Philip Myall
Philip Myall

Now, with our own van proudly adorned with “The Home Heart” signage, we continue to serve our community with integrity and excellence restoring Agas to repairing and fitting kitchen appliances, Philip and our team bring passion and expertise to every endeavour, ensuring that the spirit of our founding engineer lives on in every service we provide.