AGA Conversions in Isle of Wight

The Home Heart

AGA Conversions in Isle of Wight

The Home Heart ltd is an independent family run engineering business who have extensive knowledge and experience in undertaking electric AGA conversions in Isle of Wight.

We provide expert friendly advice on a variety of appliance problems, domestic appliance repairs, engineers specialising in Range cooker restoration and AGA conversions in Isle of Wight.

So, if you are looking for AGA services in Isle of Wight, you can rely on us to ensure that your appliance is always the heart of your home.

AGA Conversions in Isle of Wight


As an Aga specialist in Wiltshire, we travel nationwide offering our range of high quality Aga services.

Aga Deep Cleaning in Isle of Wight

We coat your cookers enamel hob and front in our super powerful cleaner, then work our magic to restore its shine!

Re Enamelling Service in Isle of Wight

We do this in one day, preparing all the parts before the visit to make things as quick and easy as possible for everyone.

Aga Conversion in Isle of Wight

Converting your Aga to electric allows you to control its running times & heat output.

Aga Removal Service in Isle of Wight

If the time has come for the Aga to go, we can remove your cooker for you. Give us a call and arrange for us to collect it.

Appliance Repair in Isle of Wight

We are passionate about engineering to the highest level in whatever project we undertake for our customers.


What we also repair washing machines, tumble dryers, electric cookers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, extractor fans, electric showers, night storage heaters.

We work within a 20 mile radius of Warminster for appliance repairs so are happy to provide domestic appliance repairs in Bath.

Based in West Wiltshire the company serves the whole of the United Kingdom for AGA works.

Aga specialist in Wiltshire
Aga Specialist in Isle of Wight

Aga Specialist in Isle of Wight

With fifteen years experience in all aspects of refurbishment, cleaning, electrical conversion and re enamelling. We have what it takes to get your AGA Range cooker looking its very best.

With the traditional oil or gas range cooker, to keep them at its optimum performance and safe, regular six monthly servicing is necessary. 12 monthly with gas appliances, however an electrical conversion alleviates this requirement. No servicing required.

All work is carried out to an extremely high standard with two year guarantee on the electrical conversion.

The Home Heart always works to your convenience – your needs are our priority, giving piece of mind.

Meet Us

I simply love Aga range cookers, everything about them! I have been told many times my enthusiasm is infectious.

Hello I am Philip the owner of The Home Heart Ltd. I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country for the past 5years covering every aspect of everything Aga and previous to that 10 years on the road as a domestic appliance specialist.

Oh, this is Bear our Bernese puppy, he’s always waiting nearby to see what’s coming out of the oven next.

We simply love what we do and that shows in our work. If you would like to invite us into your home to complete works on your Aga range cooker simply take a few pictures of it with the doors and lids all closed (and all open if possible and safe to do so!) then click the button below to send an email, just attach the pictures and tell us what you would like to achieve, new colour for the front or even a complete overhaul… new hob and lids, front and conversion. We will get back to you asap with an itemised quote and dates we have free to get the ball rolling!!

Aga Specialist in Isle of Wight

Aga specialist in Wiltshire
Aga specialist in Wiltshire